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About Us

Dear user:

Three-soft Studio is a dynamic team, we have been trying, from the beginning of 2006 to the present, did our software is better, based on an international users, from international users habits, needs, and launched more simple and practical "Excel Query Compare". Our development depends on you for your support, it is your continued support as our driving force!

  Our services more and more perfect, we have traveled some distance too far, has accumulated many valuable experiences, we are determined to better service while in the future development of software, the past, the future users will be able to discover we have achieved better results in the future, effective for you to solve problems in a timely manner is our service purpose!

  Thanks support our users, we have been in progress for you, relying on these valuable enthusiasm, we have been in progress for you, I believe you will continue to support us, right? Software for simple operation, powerful function is the purpose of our software,, we will walk along this road, continues to develop the software of an absolute advantage, and do their best to produce more good software for you!



Welcome to discuss your cooperation:

We have an excellent team, our products sell in the network, OEM, software OEM cooperation. The main co-operation as follows:

1. Network dealers
If you are one or have a chain of businesses, and sale of products (regardless of hardware or software) and we of which a paragraph or variety software products closely, therefore you decided together sale we of software, to for you products increased more of additional value, then we allows will we of products one-time large bulk sold to your Department for joint sale, let your department obtained more flexible of profit way and let consumer obtained more satisfaction of service.

2. OEM
If you are a hardware manufacturer, we want large quantities of products tied to your hardware, you can apply to our OEM cooperation.

3. Software foundry
If your missing some software products to meet your business's specific needs, and these products are already exist in our product line, we are ready to modify the LOGO or on your Office for your trademark, to make your Office more flexibility in dealing with related business.