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Work is more convenient and simple

Using "Excel Query Compare" can effectively help users to quickly select and sum of data, to reduce your work time and improve your productivity,so you don't have to in distress for cumbersome manual comparison of summaries, please give the most tiring work to "Excel Query Compare "to do it, it will be your best Assistant.

Functions of Software

It provides a comprehensive, effective and safe worksheet comparison, full document comparison, document connection, adding blank lines, comparison screening, region search, grouping summary, paging summary, general query, advanced query, advanced summary, eleven functional modules.

Convenient and intuitive

"Excel Query compare" is a stand-alone program, you do not need to switch back and forth Excel program.This software is different from all other similar functions.

software environment

"Excel Query compare" applies to the Windows All operating system platforms, on Win7 and Win10 systems with excellent compatibility and perfect support. Main program need Excel 2003 or Excel 2003 later versions support, "Excel Query compare" all in one interface to compare or summarize work.

Product concept

Three-soft Studio is a dynamic team, we have been trying, from the beginning of 2006 to the present, did our software is better, based on an international users, from international users habits, needs, and launched more simple and practical "Excel Query Compare". Our development depends on you for your support, it is your continued support as our driving force!

simple and easy

Software designed to aim at the beginning of simple and easy to use, practical.

easy to use

User interface easy to use, too many users ease of praise to our software.

download the trial

You don't believe it, immediately download the trial, will be able to realize.

data security

Software with file protection processing to ensure that accidents will not damage the original file.

  • simple and easy
    General Excel query software, applicable to all industries Excel data processing.User-friendly features, the novice can get started, efficiency of the skilled users can double
  • More Useful Functions
    Sheet Compare + Sheet query + Sheet summary + grouping Sum ...Data comparison of the most tiring work to the software to do it.
  • Lifelong free upgrade
    Color identification of unique, clear, detailed and accurate comparison reports.Lifelong free upgrade + maintenance free answers You want to choose an easy to learn and use the Excel query software, download the trial now!

Our services

Our services more and more perfect, we have traveled some distance too far, has accumulated many valuable experiences, we are determined to better service while in the future development of software, the past, the future users will be able to discover we have achieved better results in the future, effective for you to solve problems in a timely manner is our service purpose!

arbitrary comparisons Excel worksheet

The worksheets compare, and allows many more settings (text, formulas, numeric format; cell postion of comparison, keywords of comparison).

Comparison of Excel workbooks

Compare two workbooks, all the sheet with the same name, each sheet compared to the cell position. And allows many more settings.

The group summarize and add subtotals

You can specify more than one total field, summarize and add Subtotal for grouping field, and joined to the original worksheet, to distinguish colors.

working sheet more Conditions query

Auto build conditions on the worksheet, select query criteria, filter query record.