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Excel Query Compare

Your unexpected simple and easy!

▶ General Excel query software, applicable to all industries Excel data processing
▶ User-friendly features, the novice can get started, efficiency of the skilled users can double
▶ Sheet Compare + Sheet query + Sheet summary + grouping Sum ...
▶ Data comparison of the most tiring work to the software to do it.
▶ Color identification of unique, clear, detailed and accurate comparison reports
▶ Lifelong free upgrade + maintenance free answers
You want to choose an easy to learn and use the Excel query software, download the trial now!

Excel compare query software can help you

  Compare Excel files

▶ Free and flexible comprehensive comparison, where you can select comparison worksheet and range
▶ Compare both workbooks all the work table with the same name, compare each worksheet row and col location
▶ Any comparison of Excel worksheets (supports XLS, XSLX format)

Grouping page summary

▶ Powerful summary of unique nesting, you can select up to six of grouping conditions
▶ Number of rows specified page, select to page the summary column
▶ Summary fields to the specified page subtotal, total, and joined to the original worksheet

Conditions query summary

▶ Build related conditions on the open worksheet, select search criteria, the filter query records
▶ Build related conditions on the open worksheet, select the summary criteria, generate summary results
▶ Accurate orientation and connection of the two documents, you can specify multiple conditions attached

More features ...

▶ Excel query software has a significant number of users, after years of improvements, the vast majority of users ' needs are met
▶ Conditions queries and conditions summary equivalent to the conditions each Excel file into a database, any combination of query
▶ Software is constantly improved and upgraded, welcome your suggestions to improve software

Software is easy to learn, easy to operate

▶ Software designed to aim at the beginning of simple and easy to use, practical

▶ User interface easy to use, too many users ease of praise to our software.

▶ You don't believe it, immediately download the trial, will be able to realize.

▶ Software simple to use software supports importing of Excel files, simple and user-friendly interface, you do not need to switch back and forth Excel

▶ Detailed help guide that lets you learn the use of software in the shortest time, fast application.

The software is stable and reliable

Ensure the accuracy of data, security

▶ Software with file protection processing to ensure that accidents will not damage the original file. Details can refer to the help file
▶ Software has a large number of users, which function in case of a problem, we will update the first time. A few years later, the product is already quite mature and stable


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